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Rewires Your Brain

Experts say new experiences can also spark feelings of compassion.“Travel makes us different people. It opens our hearts, opens our minds and we see the world differently,” says Taleb Rifai


Travel Improves

The people who were the happiest and healthiest were the people most connected to other people, to friends, family and community. Some of the most important memories


Travel Builds
New Connections

We very much see a very strong relationship between the own satisfaction with their own life on the island, and the way they also share this with anyone in their lives.

Experiences Are More Satisfying Than Things

Villa Osumare

A family run ten room guest house situated in a tropical garden setting opposite and at the beginning of the Flic en Flac beach on the western coast of the island. 

The guest house itself is situated between the hotel Villa Caroline and the hotel Anelia right opposite the western seashore enabling you to watch beautiful daily sunsets from the veranda or from the roof terrace or directly on the beach . 

Also from Villa Osumare you can walk the entire white sand 6 kilometer Flic en Flac beach.  

Travel gives you time to relax

Traveling gives you the time to stop and slow down. It is important that we truly let ourselves relax and sometimes let go of all of our responsibilities in life. I find the best way to do this is to travel and keep the Wi-Fi off my phone for a few days. 

Having a moment to take benefit of peace

If you are traveling with a partner, it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with only each other for company, which is a thought that probably shouldn’t fill you with dismay.

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To travel is to live

When you come across those big beaming smiles, it is not easy to stay annoyed or sad; putting that knee-jerk irritation to one side

Spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you long-lasting contentment and happiness than spending money on material substances.


Villa Osumare 
Avenue 10 MoulinCasse 
Flic en Flac

TEL:  +230 4538658

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